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Services directive and services regulations

Company registration details an be found via Companies House.

All contact with MapSterling including Information requests can be made via our contact us form.

Other information required under the Services Regulations will be made available to you as part of information documents provided in connection with particular service requests.



MapSterling Ltd. takes your personal data seriously

We promise to be open, fair and transparent about how we use your personal data

If you have any questions about the use of your personal data please get in touch with us as soon as possible at

MapSterling will inform you every time we collect your personal data

We will tell you what personal data we are collecting, why we are collecting it and what we will do with your personal data and how long it will be retained for.

Typically MapSterling will retain your contact details in order to keep you up to date on our products and services and to deliver any services you have requested from us. Further details will be provided at the point of data collection.

Should you wish to stop receiving information from us, contact an individual responsible for data protection or enact one of your individual rights (including, but not limited to, deletion, access and rectification) please get in touch using our email address below.
This notice does not extend to other sites or companies.


More detials about process specific privacy practices:

Information we collect

MapSterling (‘We’) collects personal data about you. Whilst we try to be as open and transparent with you, if you feel as though we may have missed something or haven’t explained our practices in enough detail then please get in touch and ask, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

We collect the following information from you:

  1. Role applications: When you apply for a role with MapSterling we collect your contact details and anything you choose to disclose on your CV. It is in our legitimate interest to process your data, that is to keep you up to date with the role you have applied for and also any other roles we feel may be relevant to you. If you would rather we do not retain your details please do let us know. We request that no special category information is provided at the time of your application.
  2. Employment and pay: When you enter in to an engagement with us we will retain the information on your CV, your name, address, contact details and details of your nationality and right to work. We will also collect your bank account information in order to pay you. We process this data on the basis of a contract with you. We may also collect information about your health, should you choose to disclose it, in order that we can make reasonable adjustments (where required) to your working practices.
  3. Vetting: When you enter in to engagement with us we will also collect information in order to complete basic vetting and criminal record checks. This information includes your name, date of birth, personal contact information and identity verification details such as your place of birth, national Insurance number, passport number and nationality. This also includes any information about criminal activities. We may also request information from the Disclosure and Barring Service in order to confirm what you have told us is accurate. It is in our legitimate interest to process your data, that is to ensure our premises and working materials remain secure. Data collected by MapSterling for this process is deleted immediately after checks have been completed. You can find out more about how the DBS processes your data here:
  4. Subscriptions: If you sign up to our mailing list you will only need to provide your email address, you may also wish to include your name so that our emails can be addressed to you. We process this information based on your consent which we capture when you sign up to our mailing list. You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the bottom of your emails or contacting us at

What we do with your personal data:

  1. Role applications: We use this information to assess your suitability with roles at MapSterling and our clients. Your data will be retained for 6 years after our most recent interaction with you. This means your data will be held indefinitely and shared with prospective employers, should you continue to interact with us. Should you wish for your data to be deleted sooner please get in touch using our email address below. You may also be contacted about other roles we believe may interest you and you can opt out of this at any time by emailing us at the address below.
  2. Employment and pay: We use this information in order to uphold our contract with you, communicate with you about your work and pay you. Your data will be retained for 6 years after our most recent interaction with you. This means your data will be held indefinitely should you continue to interact with us. Should you wish for your data to be deleted before this point please get in touch using our email address below.
  3. Vetting: We use this information to assess your suitability with roles at MapSterling and our clients. Given some of the clients that we work with, your criminal background may preclude you from some of our roles. Your data will be deleted once your role specific vetting is complete.
  4. Subscriptions: We use this information to send you updates about MapSterling and the roles we have on offer. We use a third party provider called MailChimp, based in the US, to manage subscriptions, consent and deliver our newsletters. For more information about MailChimp’s security practices and privacy policy visit

Encryption: All data retained by MapSterling is held on secure systems using whole disk encryption.

Geography: Other than our mailing subscriptions provider, we only process your personal data in the UK.

Information Selling: MapSterling does not, and will never, sell your information.

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To contact the MapSterling Privacy Team:

Please email us at

*If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your data we request that you contact us in the first instance, if you are still unhappy with our response you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

You have various rights under data protection legislation, if you want to know more about privacy, your rights and how your personal data should be handled? Visit The Information Commissioner’s Office by clicking HERE.

Our ICO registration number is A8401621.


MapSterling Limited is a private limited company registered in England (Company No: 10968607 / ICO registration No: A8401621). Click here for further Legal and Privacy information.