MapSterling Ltd. and MapSterling Consulting Provide a wide range of professional services specialising in Project Management, Change Management and Business Analysis.


MapSterling specialises in the following areas:

  • Defence
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Data Protection and Regulation (Inc. PoD)

Our consultants have worked across a wide range of industries including Government, Defence, Public Authorities, Financial Services, Utilities, Charities, Retail, Education and Marketing. We have worked with small tech start-ups with less than 50 employees all the way to FTSE100 companies and multinational, tier 1 banks.


MapSterling has launched PoD, our PrivacyOnDemand service, providing the highest quality consultants on a range of flexible contracts/engagement setups.

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Boldness.  We believe that being bold is the key to success, businesses that sit back and refuse to innovate will gradually lose their competitive edge. This is also true of our Consulting services, we believe in taking an innovative and bold approach to the work we do.

Discipline.  This value underpins all that we do. Our consultants have the discipline to work hard when required and ensure that they take a results driven approach.

Professionalism.  We pride ourselves on being professional and ensuring that your company image will be enhanced by the consultants you work with. Professionalism and getting the basics right is the foundation of success.

Integrity and loyalty.  We believe in owning our outcomes and being as invested in the companies that we work with as their full-time employees are. You can always be assured that everything we do is in the best interests of your company. We will be open, transparent and honest about all of the work we do.


MapSterling Limited is a private limited company registered in England (Company No: 10968607 / ICO registration No: A8401621). Click here for further Legal and Privacy information.