Getting sick of organisations asking for you to print, sign and return paperwork? I am – it’s 2018 not 1988! So here’s 3 easy steps to creating a good, professional looking signature without having to print or scan anything…

1. You need download the Adobe software here:
(quite a small file so quick to download)

2. Open the document in Adobe Reader DC.

  • Go to ‘tools’
  • Click ‘Fill & Sign’
  • Click the area on the page that you want to sign
  • Click the ‘Sign’ icon on the Fill & Sign toolbar
  • Click ‘Add Signature’
  • Here you can type, draw or upload a signature (further details below).
  • You can then move and click the signature to exactly where you want it to go

3. Re-save the file and send the document back.

*The whole process should take less than 10 minutes.

3 Options for signing the document:

  1. Type – this puts a standard italic, signature type font in the box. This is the easiest and quickest but least professional method.
  2. Draw (preferred method) – this works best with a touchscreen but you can also hold down the left button of your mouse and draw your signature. This is slightly more difficult and, if you don’t have touchscreen, the signature will look messy.
  3. Upload – this will inset a picture where your signature is required. The easiest way to do this would be to sign a plain white piece of paper and take a photo with your phone. You can then email this to yourself and save it as a JPEG, this image will then be used as your signature.

Drawing, with a touchscreen, is the preferred method as the output looks the most professional however, without a touchscreen this can look pretty messy.

If you don’t have touchscreen then uploading an image is probably the best way however, this can give you a bit of a grey border around your signature.

No laptop to hand? Only got your smartphone?

Not to worry, there is an ‘Adobe fill and sign’ app that follows a very similar process to the above, again, this should take no more than 5 minutes.

Is this a secure, hashed signature?

No, it is not, it is simply an image that replaces a hard copy signature. If you are looking for a secure, hashed signature I recomend you take a look at Docusign here. However, this only remains secure if all parties are using Docusign so, for example, if you are signing a document for another company who are not using Docusign then this will not remain secure.

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